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Collection of different classes study material and notes for teachers and students across the World

Internal Audit of Marketing Department-Marketing Audit Format

Marketing Department Internal Audit Check List: While performing risk base audit of Marketing Department of any organization a question come in mind that “What Should Internal Auditor Check in Marketing Department Audit”? There are several ways to perform internal audit of marketing department. Internal Audit of Marketing Department would include ...

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Commonly used Idioms&Their Meanings

Idioms and Their use: We have collection of Idioms List with Meanings and sentences for students to learn. Below is a list of commonly used idioms and their use. It is best for students and new English learners to study it. Commonly used Idioms. Idiom: a manner of speaking that ...

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IRR Calculation and Learning Material PDF

IRR Calculation and Formulas

Internal Rate of Return Calculation and Tips/ Formulas: The IRR is the interest rate (also known as the discount rate) that will bring a series of cash flows (positive and negative) to a net present value (NPV) of zero (or to the current value of cash invested). Using IRR to ...

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