Review-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice's-Adventures-in-Wonderland-by-Lewis-CarrollCarroll’s Depiction of a Unique World that no one had seen before:  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a story about Alice who fell down in a rabbit hole and reached into a fantasy World full of beautiful and wonderful people and animals. This book is the classical book of children and adults also like this book. This book strange and interesting for kids. Carroll has beautifully depicted a World of imagination which young readers up to the age of 14 years would like it mostly.Reader would love the Cheshire cat’s wit and intelligence. One would also love the hatter because its eccentric personality reminded me of the eccentric people I know. Book’s favorite part was when Alice met the caterpillar, this was because of his ambiguous conversation with Alice. You can also download Kids Novel “The Pied Piper Of Hamelin” by Clicking on Link.

However, Reader also would think that events were sometimes random and didn’t always linked. There are series of events and characters which might be disliked by readers. I believe that it is a clever book that I world have preferred when I was younger because now I have a different taste in books. Carroll has depicted a unique world that I hadn’t seen before. This why I believe it is a book that I would recommend.

Alice’s Adventures:

This novel is  as an ‘exquisitely wild, fantastic, impossible, yet most natural history’. This novel  goes on to praise particularly noting how memorable they are, thus anticipating their enduring popularity.

In nut shell, this novel about children has a strong moral or educational message. You can download this from Google store.

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