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An-American-Sickness-bookAn American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

At the time of drastic political upheaval, a shocking investigation into the dangerous, expensive, and dysfunctional American healthcare system, as well as solutions to its myriad of problems. It was the time when there were lots of troubles hovering around and no Institution has progressed than American medicine. In only few decades, total American medical system was run by Organizations which were seeking to exploit for profit from sick American people.

Our politicians had proved themselves as unwilling and/or incapable to make a system that might reduce the costs of medicines faced by sick American people. Impossibly high insurance premiums and inexplicably large bills have become facts of life; fatalism has set in. Very quickly Americans have been made to accept paying more for less. How did things get so bad so fast?

This business was further broken down into individual industries, Insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and drug manufactures. As total of this was the healthcare system of America. Research charities are in bed with big pharmaceutical companies, which surreptitiously profit from the donations made by working people. Patients receive bills in code, from entrepreneurial doctors they never even saw.

Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal doesn’t just explain the symptoms, she diagnoses and treats the disease itself. In clear and practical terms, she spells out exactly how to decode medical doublespeak, avoid the pitfalls of the pharmaceuticals racket, and get the care you and your family deserve. She takes you inside the doctor-patient relationship and to hospital C-suites, explaining step-by-step the workings of a system badly lacking transparency.

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