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Please download latest books of authors freely. We have collection of World’s top authors books available for download.

Marketing an Introduction 13th Edition PDF Download


An introduction to Marketing: Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. 13th edition of Marketing an introduction 13th has done a great work by two famous authors. Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler are the book authors. Both authors are ...

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Essentials of Marketing 15th edition pdf Download


There are many books and material available in market about Essentials of Marketing strategies, marketing tools, customers satisfaction and much more. We have presented here short review of Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. Essentials of marketing 15th edition is the latest version of world famous book on ...

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Essentials of Geology 12th edition pdf Pearson download


Essentials of Geology 12th edition is a popular book on study of earth called geology. Geology is the study of planet earth. There are two broad divisions of geology. Historical geology deals with the origin of earth. Whereas, physical geology mainly studies the composition of earth. The text under consideration ...

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English Grammar and Composition by Wren&Martin

English Grammer-and-Composition-by-Wren-and Martin

English Grammar book provides guidance and practice for students in sentence building, correct usage, comprehension, written composition and other allied areas so as to equip the student with the ability to communicate effectively in English. It is best a b00k to learn English language professionally. Use of sentences, pair of ...

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