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Essentials of Geology 12th edition is a popular book on study of earth called geology. Essentials-of-GeologyGeology is the study of planet earth. There are two broad divisions of geology. Historical geology deals with the origin of earth. Whereas, physical geology mainly studies the composition of earth. The text under consideration is authored by Frederick K. Lutgens and Edward J. Tarbuck. Published in 2014 this edition comes with a lot of updates. A brief overview of essentials of geology is as under:

Essentials of Geology 12th edition

This book is introductory in nature. It focuses on students who study geology as a minor subject. Essentials of Geology provides knowledge to those having limited background of geology. It is non-technical and also provides up to date information. In short, this book is useful for learning basic principles and concepts.Essentials-of-Geology

Major emphasis has been on student’s understanding. A series of questions and ideas also come within the text. This addition is named as “Focus on concepts”. Similarly, “concept checks” contain another series of questions. “Give it some thought” also offer a bunch of comprehension based questions. So, Essentials of Geology 12th edition focuses on learning rather than providing extensive knowledge.

It also includes additions to its visual program and learning path. It is said that a picture says a thousand words. Same is true with the design of this very book. The careful depiction graphs, sketches and diagrams gives a strong visual component. Dennis Tasa is a geological illustrator whose contributions are there in the book. There is an instructor’s resource center for teachers. Instructors can obtain power points of every chapter from there. So, the book comes with a lot of additional aid for both instructors and students.

Finally, it is pertinent to say that Essentials of Geology 12th edition is an excellent book on geology. Download or read the latest edition from google book store…

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