Fire and Fury about Donald Trump by Michael Wolff’s

Fire and fury’: Donald Trump book author Michael Wolff no stranger to controversy:Fire-and-Fury-Donald-Trump-by-Michael-WolfAll the most explosive moments in new book from inside Trump’s White House. Explosive book Fire and Fury Book by Michael Wolff from inside the workings of the Trump White House has finally become public, sending shock waves around the world. The book – which has already been criticized by both Trump himself as well as critics – contains a range of huge claims about the president and those who surround him. That’s because the book’s publication schedule was pushed forward by publisher Little, Brown because of “unprecedented demand”.

It was originally discussing first 100 days of Trump’s as said by Wolff. But then so much kept happening into the second hundred and more that further work was required, so the book got longer. In all, the book takes in more than 200 interviews. But more than that, Wolff claims to have taken up a “semi permanent seat on a couch in the West Wing”, becoming a fly-on-the-wall among the chaos of the White House. That chaos meant there was nobody with enough power to tell him to go away, he claims – and so he stayed. It’s clear that everyone around Trump was more or less convinced that even he didn’t know why he would won, or what he would be doing as president. Ailes was forced to ask Bannon whether Trump “gets it”. Bannon said that he did – but Wolff describes a pause before doing so that perhaps lasted a little too long. We’re coming to our first – of many, no doubt – looks at what happened with the Russians. Roger Ailes asks Steve Bannon what Trump “has gotten himself into” with the country. Bannon says that he had gone to Russia with the hope of meeting Putin. Putin wasn’t interested, though, Wolff reports Bannon as saying – so he has been forced to keep trying to become friends.

Into election day. And we start with a reminder that nobody actually thought Trump would win: his close adviser Kellyanne Conway, for instance, is reported to have spent all day ringing around the many TV producers she’d befriended selling herself and casting off blame for the inevitable defeat she was about to suffer. You can also download “Psychology a Study of Mental Life by Robert S. Wood worth” by clicking Here.

Even Trump wasn’t clear about the fact that he actually wanted to be president, according to the book. He was already looking forward to his plans for a Trump TV network and other ventures. And he was getting ready to claim that the election had been stolen from him, and that’s why he would lose.

He was so unsure of his own campaign that he even refused to donate money to it, Wolff reports. He billed himself as a billionaire throughout the campaign, but the best he could do was lend $10 million on the promise that he’d get it back when they raised more money, and the finance chairman Steve Mnuchin had to collect the loan to ensure Trump didn’t forget. Indeed, the only person who believed Trump would win was Steve Bannon. But since people thought he was “crazy Steve”, that did the opposite of reassuring them, says Wolff.

Wolff moves on to discussing Trump’s marriage to Melania, something that was “perplexing to almost everybody around him”. They could go for days without talking, even if they were both in Trump tower. She might not even know which house he was in, and didn’t seem to care. And she wasn’t very interested in his business, either.

When it became clear he was going to win, however, everything changed. Donald Jr looked “as if he had seen a ghost”; Melania “was in tears – and not of joy”; and Trump went from “befuddled” to “disbelieving” to “quite horrified”, all in the space of an hour. And then he underwent the most dramatic change of all: into a “a man who believed that he deserved to be and was wholly capable of being the president of the United States”.

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