Fundamentals-of-Biochemistry – Life-at-the-molecular-level

Fundamentals of Biochemistry Voet pdf download

Fundamentals-of-Biochemistry – Life-at-the-molecular-level

4th edition of Fundamentals of Biochemistry, challenges readers to better understand the chemistry behind the biological structure and reactions occurring in living systems. Fundamentals of biochemistry was first published in 1999. Fundamentals of Biochemistry describes the life at the molecular level.  The author of book are Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet and Charlotte W. Pratt. All the authors have their doctorate in chemistry or biochemistry. This is an authentic treatise on biochemistry and molecular biology. It is made available by Wiley publications. The latest entry is the 4th edition published in 2013.

The latest edition continues this tradition, and additionally incorporates coverage of recent research and an expanded focus on preparing and supporting students throughout the course. With the addition of new conceptual assessment content to  providing the opportunity to assess conceptual understanding of key introductory biochemistry concepts.

A detailed review of this book is given below.

Fundamentals of Biochemistry – Life at the molecular level:

    This book offers a broad foundation of basic biochemical concepts by anchoring the biological content in its chemistry roots. This edition has been updated with the latest findings in biochemistry and their connection to human health, artwork to provide a clearer learning experience, and approaches to favor active learning.
        It serves many purposes, including delivering a solid foundation in modern biochemistry, developing problem-solving skills, and providing the historical background behind important biochemical discoveries. It is a complete guide to foundational biochemistry.

Bio Chemistry Why so Important:

Although written for health sciences undergraduate and graduate students, the book may be used by premedical, medical, and other healthcare graduate students as a thorough reference. The authors are highly regarded educators, researchers, and teachers.
      Five major sections – an introduction, biomolecules, enzymes, metabolism and gene expression and replication — cover topics in modern biochemistry in the context of their chemical basis to help students understand the molecular foundation of biochemical reactions. In light of recent research findings, there is an emphasis on human health and diseases as well as novel pharmacological effectors. The book is well organized and beautifully illustrated, the artwork has been extensively revised, and process diagrams are clearly identified. It is enhanced with features that promote learning and self-assessment. For example, it includes “Key Concepts,” reviews chemical principles when appropriate, provides sample calculations, contains “Checkpoint Questions” at the end of every section, and presents new end-of-chapter problems. It also contains a helpful glossary and a detailed index. The book is designed to provide a strong foundation in biochemistry by fostering student understanding rather than memorization.
      This is a magnificent textbook on biochemistry principles. (Readers looking for a quick review are advised to choose another book.) This edition includes up-to-date information and favors active learning by expanding its pedagogical tools and approaches.

Summary:The book is divided in 5 main parts. Introduction part introduces biochemistry. It discusses the properties and functionality of water in living systems. Water plays a key role in metabolism. Major portion of the body weight is water. Separate chapters are designed for various structures of proteins. Same is the case with lipids and carbs. Then second portion of the book is about bio-molecules. Unlike many other books of similar nature, bio-molecules are thoroughly explained.

3 chapters on enzymes make the third part. The whole process of enzyme functioning and its nature is elaborated. Part of metabolism discusses the important process in full detail. Full fledged chapters are there for topics like citric acid cycle and glucose metabolism etc.

Lastly, the complex topics of gene expression and multiplication are added. Overall, Fundamentals of Biochemistry is an expanded book covering complicated topics. It can be regarded as a book for advance readers who are well familiar with the subject. Data presentation and working out is commendable.

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