Google AdWords: A practical guide to Search Engine Advertising Paperback

Google Adwords : Google-AdWords-A-practical-guide-to-Search-Engine-Advertising-PaperbackGoogle AdWords A Practical Guide to Search Engine Advertising was written by Christiane Ortlepp on 21st November 2017. Since last few years, online advertising has totally changed the old ways of marketing, now advertisers can more easily reach their audiences through social media. Where traditional media ends, online channels continue, offering immersive experiences that increase both brand awareness and business performance.  In this book “Google AdWords: A practical guide to Search Engine Advertising”, reader will learn how to reach your target group of audience through search engine advertising (SEA), display marketing and affiliate marketing.

How to Use Google AdWords:

This Google AdWords allows you to target users who are searching for specific keywords. Display marketing will place your ad in front of users as they browse other websites. Affiliate marketing integrates your offer into others’ websites, forming a symbiotic relationship between yourself — the advertiser — and the sites’ publishers. You can also download Thinking and Deciding by Jonathan Baron Free PDF 4th Edition by clicking here.

The possibilities of reaching your audiences are limitless. With endless options, however, often comes confusion. This book aims to take any confusion away and make you feel confident about your online marketing campaigns. Google Adwards specially designed to offer you to offer different marketing campaigns like key words etc. With the help of this tool Google Adswords you can easily market your stuff to people who are looking for the same stuff. Google Adwords is having a vast variety in terms of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. It also helps to tell how much a keyword will pay you, can set geographical location, target audience, group keywords and much more by using this tool. You can download book by clicking Here.

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