I Still Can’t Speak English | Jason West

i-still-cant-speak-englishWhy English as a Medium is Important:

There are different ways and methods of learning English. Most of the stuff is available online and through different books.

Follow the process and you will improve as much as the learners in the real case studies. One, a typically frustrated adult Chinese English learner, went from beginner to intermediate after just 18 hours of practice.

Millions can read and write English but don’t feel comfortable speaking it. They are trying to practice using Facebook, Google Plus, Skype and online language exchanges. It is very important to practice speaking English. But, effective practice is not as easy as most people think. It requires proper preparation.

Speaking English is nothing but the game of practice. There are many online courses available which help the learners to get on it.

Contents of the Book:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Do We Talk?
  3. How We All Learn to Speak
  4. The Psychology of Speaking English
  5. What Stops You Speaking?
  6. Learning How to Speak (again)
    1. Method
    2. Correction
    3. Personalization
    4. Transparency
  7. Case Study 1: Jane
  8. Case Study 2: Liliana
  9. Summary of Case Studies
  10. What We Think Happens
  11. How to Plan Your Personalized English Course
  12. Your Free Technological Tool Kit
  13. Meeting English Speakers & Building Learning Relationships
  14. Getting Going
  15. Endnotes
  16. Sample Lessons
  17. Course Planners

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