Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 6th edition pdf


Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 6th edition is a book on biochemistry. David L. Nelson and Michael M. Cox co-are authors this book. They have their affiliation with University of Wisconsin Madison. Biochemistry is the branch of knowledge dealing with study of chemical processes that take place in living things. Similarly, …

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Introduction to the Practice of Statistics 8th Edition pdf

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics 8th Edition

It is an introductory book of statistics. Introduction to the practice of statistics 8th edition is written by three authors. David S. Moore, George P. McCabe and Bruce A. Craig. Book which is published from W.H. Freeman and company, New York. Introduction to the practice of Statistics spans over one …

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Psychology Themes and Variations 9th edition PDF


Psychology Themes and Variations 9th edition PDF: Psychology themes and variations 9th edition is a book written by Wayne Weiten. He was Ph.D from University of Nevada. This edition was published in 2013. Psychology themes and variations is a highly demanded book on psychology. Given below a brief review of the …

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Fundamentals of Nursing 10th edition Kozier and Erb’s pdf


Fundamentals of Nursing 10th edition: Kozier and Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing 10th edition is an introductory book which was written on nursing. It depicts the concepts, process and practice of nursing and many other issues faced. Published in 2016, the latest edition also contains some distinct changes. Authors include  Audrey Berman, Shirlee J. …

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Lost At School-Book on Kids Behavior

Lost at School a Book on Child Behaviorac

Lost At School: Why our kids with challenges in behavior are falling through and what are the ways/ methods to help them out from such situations. One of the world’s best surgeons, Ben Carson has saved many lives. In this book, he tells of his inspiring Odyssey from his childhood …

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A Practical Guide on Child Psychology


Child Psychology: A child life is very sensitive and complicated. It needs proper training and care. Parents must know the Psychological issues. The book “Child Psychology” is full of case studies and activities to help your child through life challenges. You can understand your child and respond better to their needs, …

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