Technology of Bottled Water, 3rd Edition

Technology of Bottled Water 3rd edition pdf Download

Technology of Bottled Water, 3rd EditionNicholas Dege is the writer of “Technology of Bottled Water”. This book written due to the trend of bottled water, which has increased sharply over few decades. The book starts with the development of bottled waters in the market. It comprehensively covers the technology of bottling water products.  The future aspects are also highlighted. The book represents a US market review of this development. Technology of Bottled Water 3rd edition pdf Download from here..

The third edition of” The science and technology of the bottled water” contains brand new chapters which address these new development in bottled waters industry. Mean while it also covers the introductory chapter reviewing the market, the degree to which the global legislative and regulatory picture has changed is examined, through which the new and increasingly-used quality standards are assessed.

The book describes the source of reference for bottled water production: beverage technologists, packaging technologists, analytical chemists, microbiologists, safety personnel and health.

Technology of Bottled Water (Third Edition)

This Book is dedicated to understanding the hydro-geology of bottled water. The author explained the Storage of water in the aquifers and its nature underground. Technology of bottled water includes the treatment of water. The exact stage of water treatment, water treatment objectives and water treatment processes are reviewed. While bottling water the maintenance of safety and integrity is very important. This safety is influenced by many factors. Their manipulation and GMPs is given in this Book. Then it tells the actual technology of bottled water. How bottling and filling is done? Pictorially demonstration is used to describe the filling operations and configurations. Cleaners and sanitizers of bottled water are  explained. Quality maintenance and assurance is of prime importance in any food establishment.

Table of Contents:



1 Introduction (Nicholas Dege).

1.1 Background.

1.2 The third edition.

There are different categories of bottled water according to different regulatory authorities and in different regions,  These include examples like natural mineral waters, spring waters etc. All these types come under discussion. In water industry, the quality parameters also go side by side.This book not only explains quality but auditing and certification of a water industry is also a topic of this pdf book. Technology of Bottled water emphasizes on the microbiology of water. The microbiology of natural mineral water and treated bottled water is elaborated. The eBook contains figures, graphs and diagram that make understanding much easier.

The present book contains 461 pages.

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