The 8th Habit | Stephen R. Covey

The 8th Habit | Stephen R. Covey:

The 8th habit opens the door into the exciting potential of this new age. Yes the 8th habit, Covey says, is in itself not new-infect, its a timeless part of human beings, but one that has often gone unrealized. Its the voice of the human spirit. It is the voice of hope, intelligence, resilience and the limitless human potential to effect positive change. Finding are voice enables us and our organizations to achieve consistent execution; to get the right thing done. We each have our own voice-our unique personal significance. You may get The 8th Habit from here..


It is revealed when we face our greatest challenges, and it makes us equal to them. The 8th Habit | Stephen R. Covey download from here. Covey’s new book transforms the way we think about ourselves, and about human kind. Just as the 7 seven habits of the highly effective people helped us focus on success, the 8th habit shows us the ways to greatness. The 8th book contains following chapters:

Detail about the Book:

Chapter one is about the pain, Chapter two is about the problem, chapter three is about the solutions and further chapters are categorized in parts as chapter four and five covers the topics of find your voice and in part two chapter six is about others to find their voice and chapter 7, 8, 9, 10 and eleven focused on modelling and part findings and execution-aligning and empowering are covered in chapter 12 and chapter 13. chapter 14 and 15 covers the age of wisdom. 8Th habit book contains total pages of 409 including appendix.

About the Author:

Stephen R. Covey is an internationally respected leadership authority, teacher, organizational consultant, family expert and author who has dedicated his life to teaching principles centered living and leadership to built both families and organizations. He holds an M.B.A from Harvard University and doctorate from Brigham Young University, where he ahs a professional organizational behavior and business management and also served as director of University relations and assistant to the President.

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