The Life of the Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W] By Shaykh Hafiz Ibn Katheer

The Life of the Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W] By Shaykh Hafiz Ibn Katheer:

The interrelationship and interaction of human cultures and civilizations has made the contributions of each the common heritage of men in all ages and all places. Early Muslim scholars were able to communicate with their Western counterparts through contacts made during the Crusades; at Muslim universities and centers of learning in Muslim Spain (al- Andalus, or Andalusia) and Sicily to which many European students went for education; and at the universities and centers of learning in Europe itself (such as Salerno, Padua, Montpellier, Paris, and Oxford), where Islamic works were taught in Latin translations. Download The Life of the Prophet Muhammad [S.A.W] By Shaykh Hafiz Ibn Katheer.

Among the Muslim scholars well-known in the centers of learning throughout the world were al-F&i (Rhazes), Ibn Sin2 (Avicenna), Ibn Rushd (Averroes), a1 Khwiuizmi and Ibn Khaldm. Muslim scholars such as these and others produced original works in many fields. Many of them possessed encyclopedic knowledge and distinguished themselves in many disparate fields of knowledge.

In view of this, the Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization was established in order to acquaint non-Muslims with the contributions Islam has given to human civilization as a whole. The Great Books of Islamic Civilization Project attempts to cover the first 800 years of Islam, or what may be called Islam’s Classical Period. This project aims at making available in English a wide selection of works representative of Islamic civilization in all its diversity. It is made up of translations of original Arabic works that were produced in the formative centuries of Islam, and is meant to serve the needs of a potentially large readership.
Not only the specialist and scholar, hut the non-specialist with an interest in Islam and its cultural heritage will he able to benefit from the series. Together, the works should serve as a rich source for the study of the early periods
of Islamic thought. In selecting the books for the series, the Center took into account all major areas of Islamic intellectual pursuit that could be represented. Thus the series includes works not only on better-known subjects such as law, theology, jurisprudence, history and politics, but also on subjects such as literature, medicine,
astronomy, optics and geography.

The specific criteria used to select individual books were these: that a hook should give a faithful and comprehensive account of its field; and that it should be an authoritative source. The reader thus has at his disposal virtually a whole library of informative and enlightening works. Each book in the series has been translated by a qualified scholar and reviewed by another expert. While the style of one translation will naturally differ from another, the translators have endeavoured, to the extent it was possible, to make the works accessible to the common reader.

As a rule, the use of foomotes has been kept to a minimum, though a more extensive use of them was necessitated in some cases. This series is presented in the hope that it will contribute to a greater understanding in the West of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Islam and will therefore provide an important means towards greater understanding of today’s world. You can download this book from google book store..

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