The Power of Guidance | By Author Dan Gartrell

The-Power-of-GuidenceThe Power of Guidance: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood Classrooms / Edition 1:

Brief Description:

The Power of Guidance: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills In the Early Childhood Classroom has the distinction of being selected as a 2003 comprehensive member benefit by the NAEYC, an honor for any author in the field. It is a collection of well-received writings on how to use guidance in early childhood classrooms. The material teaches strategies for developing an encouraging classroom and for working with children, particularly boys, who have moderate and serious conflicts. It also presents non-punitive approaches to classroom management. Those who will find the most value in this compilation of material on guidance are practitioners in the field, including Head Start teachers, childcare teachers and preschool and primary grade teachers and assistants.

In an engaging, reader-friendly style, the author describes developmentally appropriate guidance in the encouraging classroom. With this approach, teachers think beyond the kind of conventional classroom discipline that aims merely to keep children in lineā€”and often fails even to do that! Gartrell shows teachers how to help children develop lifelong skills such as mutual acceptance and cooperation, creative and peaceful problem-solving strategies, and acceptable ways to express difficult emotions. Includes a special chapter on guidance with boys.


  • Patience and understanding are differentiated, which is the key to using guidance.
  • Misbehavior and mistaken behavior are differentiated, helping teachers understand children?s behavior.
  • Discipline versus guidance is discussed, giving teachers a new vocabulary for actions many already use.
  • Management strategies for an encouraging classroom give teachers non-punitive strategies for classroom management.
  • Intervention strategies with boys address commonly asked questions.

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