“Victorian Adventure”-Biff, Chip And Kipper Stories

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Magic key took the children to Buckingham Palace. Interesting thing is Gran was also with the children during this adventure, which they came to know at the end of the story.

“Victorian Adventure”-Biff, Chip And Kipper Stories:

“Victorian Adventure” is a reader from stories created by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta. It is about Biff, Chip and Kipper’s stories from Oxford Reading Tree. Victorian Adventure involves exciting and very unique adventure. Unique in a sense that magic key took not only children but also Gran become a part of their adventure. The story begin with Biff and chip viewing the scrap book, which were made when they were in London with Gran. Mean while Gran came to the children’s room and saw that scrapbook and children were very happy for having great time in London. Suddenly the magic key began to glow. Which took the children to a new adventure.

At the start children were unaware about Gran. Magic in time to a street. There they met a girl, Vicky. She told children “i’m after the Queen.” Then they experienced hunger, Vicky help them to over come their hunger, By working with blacksmith. Vicky & Jack help the child to climb up the wall of Palace. Then They played with the grandchildren of Queen. First they played hide and seek, then Biff taught them how to play basketball. Finally grown-up came and grandchildren were sent to bed. Policeman took Biff, chip & Vicky along with his friend to police station. Kipper don’t like this adventure. He wanted magic key to glow. Next day an important the¬† man came and police sent the children to Buckingham Palace. Children surprised to find Gran having tea with Queen Victoria. Finally children played freely sack race in throne room. Adventure ended when magic key begin to glow…

The Story is available and you can be download on Oxford Website.

Keywords used in Reader for Kids learning:

  1. Scrapbook
  2. Adventure
  3. Foggy day
  4. London
  5. Queen Victoria
  6. Blacksmith
  7. Penny
  8. Buckingham Palace
  9. Trouble
  10. Hop-scotch

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