Viking Adventure-Biff, Chip and Kipper Stores

Viking Adventure-Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories

Viking Adventure-Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories:Viking Adventure-Biff, Chip and Kipper Stores

The children find themselves on a long ship at the start of a Viking adventure. Can they save the Viking village when raiders attack on Viking Village?

Wilf and Wilma came to the door. It was time to go to school. Kipper told every one about his adventure at Teddy Bears’ picnic. But no body believed him. Bif, Chip and Wilf were in Mr. Johnson’s class. Mr. Johnson is a person who made every thing interesting and told lots of good stories. In this story he had a model of ship. He questioned the students like:

What sort of this Ship is?

Wilf raised his hands and answered that It’s a Viking Ship. Mr Johnson replied that well done Wilf. Mr. Johnson showed a picture of Viking ship. “This ship was called a long ship, ” He said that it had oars and a sail and it moved very fast through the water. “The Viking lived a long time ago,” Mr Johnson told the class. The Vikings cross the sea in ship like this. Mr. Johnson showed the children a Viking helmet and a Viking shield. Mr Johnson helped the children with a Viking project. It was very interesting for kids. They made model Long ships and they made Viking shields and helmets. Mr. Johnson took the children to the school hall. They made a big long ship. The children came home from school and look at the magic key. The wanted it to glow for a long time. Kipper told them about his magic adventure but no body believed him. Kipper was upset and magic key glowed at night, he said. It glowed when it was dark, it did, it did, it did. Please look at the key. I wonder she said Biff had a good idea. May be the key glowed in dark she said. She got a torch and she found a big thick blanket. Children sat on floor and they pulled the blanket over themselves. It was dark under the blanket. Suddenly, the key began to glow , the magic was working after all.

Kipper said i told you so. There was no wind. The Vikings rowed the long ship across the Sea. Every man pulled on the oars. It was hard work being a Viking. Suddenly, the wind begin to glow, Hurrah, said the Vikings, now we can put up the sail. The wing can blow the ship a long and won’t have to work so hard.

One of the Vikings heard a noise,  he went to look and he found the children, OH no, said Wilf, we are on a Viking long ship. i don’t believe it. continued……

Vocabulary words for kids.

  1. Vikings
  2. Adventure
  3. Picnic
  4. Model
  5. Story
  6. Long ship
  7. Oars
  8. Sail
  9. Shield
  10. Helmet
  11. Interesting
  12. Project
  13. Pretended
  14. Glowed
  15. Dark
  16. Torch
  17. Blanket
  18. Sudedenly
  19. Row
  20. Hard Work
  21. Wind
  22. Jumped
  23. Fierce
  24. Splashed
  25. Barrels
  26. Shore
  27. Waded
  28. Amazed
  29. Villagers
  30. Smoke
  31. Middle
  32. Dark
  33. Attack
  34. Raiders
  35. Ground
  36. Frightened
  37. Raiders
  38. Beach
  39. Party
  40. Smile

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