Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler 16th Edition pdf download

Principles of Marketing 16th edition is another book on marketing. Principles-of-Marketing-16th-EditionGary Armstrong and Philip Kotler are the book authors. Marketing an Introduction is also written by both authors jointly. Published under Pearson, the 16th edition is a revised and expanded text. It explains the in-depth procedure of marketing strategy.


Principles of Marketing 16th Edition

Principles of Marketing consists of four main parts. First part is introductory one. It presents the basics of marketing. Readers get to know the answers of following questions. What is marketing? How much important marketing is? What place does customer relationships hold in marketing?

Similarly, second part of the book covers four important chapters. It is more of a deep study into the market. It enables the readers to understand marketplace around them. Also, it focuses separately on consumer markets and business markets. A chapter is dedicated to obtaining customer insights by the help of marketing information.

Principles of Marketing 16th edition covers almost every aspect of marketing. A bunch of chapters are grouped under customer-driven marketing strategy. These include some of the core concepts as well. Chapters on advertising and sales promotion introduce the students to some proven techniques. Pricing is another important factor in marketing. So, two chapters concentrate solely on pricing strategy.

Last part contains some chapters on extending markets. It inculcates social responsibility and ethical aspects in marketing. Principles of Marketing 16th edition also has many other useful features. The addition of key terms in every chapters appears to be very effective for thorough learning. Similarly, A portion of discussing and applying the concepts is added in the text. Overall, this book on marketing is an excellent text from student’s point of view.

Principles of Marketing 16th edition has the addition of case studies. The challenging case studies spark the thought skills of learners.

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