DON QUIXOTE Miguel de Cervantes Translated by John Ormsby

DON QUIXOTE best Novel ever:DON-QUIXOTE-Best-Novel Miguel de Cervantes’ novel “DON QUIXOTE English Summary” about a man who becomes so infatuated with tales of knights that he decides to become one of the first novels ever written, originally published in 1612. Quixote’s misadventures as he travels across the Spanish countryside seeking wrongs to right and downtrodden people to uplift have amused and enthralled generations of readers, and gave us the idiom “tilting at windmills” to indicate a noble but futile endeavor.

Novel gets popularity now and then, especially in Spain. It is the oldest book on this list, so it’s had a long time to accrue sales. There is, of course, no way to tally sales from the 1600s, so although some sources suggest that this has sold 500 million copies, there’s no way anyone could know for certain. We’ve placed it at this point on the list as a book that has had a great deal of worldwide popularity over a great span of time, but with an indeterminate total sales number.

DON QUIXOTE English Summary:

Carventas begins his novel with a series of anxieties and complaints. He wants to believe that his book is brilliant and beautiful, because he is its parent, though he also refers to himself as its “stepfather”; but “like gives birth to like,” so the book must be riddled with all of the flaws of its author, who is foolish and unlearned. Moreover, since Cervantes first imagined the book in prison, the book must also mirror prison’s confinement and unpleasantness. Cervantes urges the reader to make up her own mind about this strange creation. You can download other book “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill” by clicking Here.

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