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There are many books and material available in market about Essentials of Marketing strategies, marketing tools, customers satisfaction and much more. Essentials-of-Marketing-A-Marketing-Startegy-Planning-ApproachWe have presented here short review of Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. Essentials of marketing 15th edition is the latest version of world famous book on marketing.  Published in 2016 by McGraw-Hill Education, the book is comprised of 784 pages. Joseph P. CannonWilliam D. Perreault Jr. and E. Jerome McCarthy are the book authors. All co-authors are academicians in top institutes of USA. Moreover, it is also known as Perreault / Cannon’s Essentials of Marketing. Given below is brief introduction of this book.

Essentials of Marketing 15th edition

As marketing is main focus of business and without best marketing strategies one can not run business efficiently. To be precise, customer satisfaction is the core focus of Essentials of marketing 15th edition. Students get to know techniques and tools of how they can achieve better customer satisfaction. Obviously, it would lead to there job satisfaction as well. The text under consideration teaches these skills by models, explanations and examples. Similarly, case studies and practical frameworks instill analytical skills in students regarding marketing.

One exciting feature of Essentials of marketing 15th edition is that it is available through McGraw-Hill Connect®. It is an online service which offers many features of interactive learning. For example, it contains interactive applications, smartbook features and many other tools which improve efficiency of learning. Similarly, it also contains many additions keeping in view the changes in the marketing environment. The basic foundation of this book again remains the “Four Ps” concept ( Product, Price, Promotion and Place).

All chapters in Essentials of marketing 15th edition focus on marketing strategy planning. Moreover, it integrates textual information with practical models and examples. Apart from that, lot of information is there in the appendices section. Students also get to know the basics of economics and arithmetic. Questions and problems at the end of each chapter provoke critical thinking in students. It also inculcates problem solving approach in them.

Finally, it is an excellent textbook for students of marketing and business. Download Essentials of marketing 15th edition from online resources or purchase from online stores.

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