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Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition: With the addition of new concepts, business and economics is becoming important day by day. For local and internal business needs, Logistics and Supply Chain Management is very important. Due to new innovations and revolution in business industry Logistics and Supply Chain Management has getting much importance. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition is the best book covering supply chain management topic. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition is the UK’s best selling book. Pearson UK, 2016 is the publisher of this book. The book has the text having feature of brevity.

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Effective development and management of supply chain networks helps businesses cut costs and enhance customer value. This updated 5th edition is a clear guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains. Martin Christopher is the author of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition, he has experience in teaching operations, logistics and supply chain Management. It is an excellent book for business and management studies. The book not only contain chapters on various aspects of supply chain and also provide various tips and tricks to maintain smooth supply chain. Which help the to become the business more successful. You can also download Marketing Management 14th Edition by Philip Kotler by clicking here.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition got 16 chapters and 328 pages.  Risks in business and the combat strategies are also the part of 5th edition. Moreover logistic portion is given more due weight age.

In Logistics and Supply Chain Management 5th Edition, Logistics typically refers to activities that occur within the boundaries of a single organization and Supply Chain refers to networks of companies that work together and coordinate their actions to deliver a product to market. Supply Chain Management acknowledges all of traditional logistics and also includes activities such as marketing, new product development, finance, and customer service.

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